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Hello there I wanted other's to know what happened to my poor dog so it does not happen to your lovable pets as well. My dog currently eats a diet of Castor and Pullox dry dog food, she's been fine with eating treats like milk bones, pig ears, and a few other I get for her now and then. I purchase Milo's Kitchen Chicken Jerky this past weekend thinking I was bringing my doggie home a nice treat. I gave one to her the evening of purchase 7/29/2012, Then about 3 piece of the treat throughout of entire day on 7/30/2012. The morning of 7/31/2012 she seemed to act strange and had some soft stool. I did what I could but had to leave for work that morning. I came to a horrid site as I walked in the door on lunch break there was diarrhea that looked like black tar and vomit all over the entire living room. She was lying there looking very ill and continued to puke 3 times within a matter of minutes I started bawling and frantically calling my job to request the rest of the day off to take her to the vet as this was an emergency. I rushed her to the vet where they check her vitals of course and gave her a nausea shot, bacteria food supplements and antibiotics, I told them the culprit treat (as was the only recent change in consumption) so they could get the word out to others. Once I got home I research the internet on this treat to find many horrible stories.

She is on watch for the next few days to make sure everything turns out okay. I am very worried and distraught.

Not only did my dog have to suffer just for being rewarded a treat. I lost work, I have a $126 vet bill, and had to rent a rug doctor and cleaning supplier for our health costing about another 100.

Please be careful what you bring home to your dogs not everything on any store shelf is okay.

Please see these links below for more information on this dangerous treat

Monetary Loss: $250.

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